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FRAME is an association which organizes and produces cultural activities with an emphasis on the intersection between dance and well-being in three branches: artists’ residence, dance workshops and performance pieces.


ShantiLoco is an annual artists’ residence, operated by FRAME since 2018, aimed at offering space, time and logistical support to freelance dance artists who are interested in developing their own work.  Our home base, Jönses Farm, is situated in the Swedish countryside near Vallsta surrounded by forests, trails, lakes and rolling hills. Throughout the one week residence, we offer daily classes in our movement method, Fieldwork, in addition to yoga and Ilan Lev Method.  Participating artists have access to our converted barn studio space and the surrounding grounds to test and develop their personal creative projects and the FRAME team is available to help realize these developing works.

ShantiLoco Residence 2024
Open call

At this year’s edition of ShantiLoco at Jönses Farm, we will ONLY be offering classes in Fieldwork, while FRAME is in residence during a week to work on the dance installation piece Fläta, which will premier at Dansplats Skog 14th of September.


The residence is open to anyone with professional experience in dance and movement, with an interest in collaborative processes.  


Dates: August 19-23, 2024


Location: Jönses Farm, Vallsta


If you would like to know more or reserve a spot please send us an email to:


"ShantiLoco Incubator is just like a breath of fresh air in retreat land. A happening where creating a safe space is not just an expression used in vain but a true commitment of the team. In such a supportive environment it is not surprising that I personally felt I could develop my artistic skills to the fullest. The workshops were a balanced alternation between body awareness practices and hands on creative research and performative action. The idyllic setting of it all, the amazing food and the efforts of the organisers to make a link between our creative group and the local community through artistic encounters made the whole experience even more unforgettable."

-Sergio Roberto Gratteri, Artistic Coordinator


"To have the ability to come together with a group of fellow artists, surrounded by nature and good food, was the perfect retreat to re-connect with my body and mind and give space for seeds of inspiration to flourish. I would highly recommend this experience to artists seeking to rest and recover while simultaneously interested to connect inner threads that will support a heathy creative mind."

-Taylor Drury, Tanztheater Wuppertal

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Fieldwork is FRAME’s method for movement exploration which was developed to facilitate creative ease within groups.  Integrating tools from a range of dance practices, yoga, meditation and somatic work, this method is designed to get participants out of their minds, into their bodies and attuned to the space they inhabit.  There is a field of infinite information swirling around and passing through us at any given moment; this class helps us to perceive and work with this information so that we can engage in collective creation with confidence.

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We have been producing artistic residencies and retreats at Jönses Farm in Region Gävleborg annually since 2018 where we have delved into our creative and somatic research inspired by the Swedish primal forest and countryside.  With support from Kultur Gävleborg in 2021, we formalized our collective practice, Fieldwork, a method for movement research which facilitates creative ease within groups.  We have shared Fieldwork regionally, nationally and internationally, with movement enthusiasts, students and professionals. In 2022, FRAME was invited to be a part of the regional dance conference Dansdialog and sat on the jury for Skapa Dans in Gävleborg. We also began our first creation of a collective artistic work, Fläta, in residencies at SITE Sweden and Jönses Farm in Vallsta. In 2023 we reorganized ourselves under the name FRAME and continue to host residences and workshops for the benefit of the public in which we explore the cultivation of well being through movement.


FRAME is also a platform to help its members produce their own artistic work for performance.  Under the umbrella of this organization, members can apply for residencies and funding to develop projects meant to be shared with audiences.  We have a particular interest in work dealing with themes of belonging, connection and communication.

Meet the team

Born in Stockholm, Erik Lobelius received his formal training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and graduated from the classical department in 2009. After participating in the youth project Nudans at the Gothenburg opera, he moved to Switzerland to join Ballet junior de Geneva. In 2010 he began working with Alias-Cie under artistic director Guilherme Botelho, which led to a 10 year long engagement ranging from dancer and creative collaborator to rehearsal director. During this time, he also worked with companies including Companhia Instável, WOMAN'S MOVE, Cie-Burnout and La Rift Compagnie. In addition to working as a performer and leading workshops in Fieldwork, a movement methodology created in collaboration with ShantiLoco collective, Erik is a certified cranio-sacral therapist, Hatha Yoga teacher and is currently studying Osteopathy at the Swiss International School

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Daniel Staaf is a Swedish/Filipino freelance dance artist based in Stockholm. He has been professionally active since 2009 and has worked as a dancer with companies such as Bern Ballet (CH), Gallim Dance (US), Sleep No More (US) and groups such as CIE Tabe Martin (CH), Anderssondance (SE), Shake it Collaborations (SE); performed at venues such as Guggenheim Works & Process, Théâtre National de Chaillot, Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, The Joyce, The Lincoln Center and Theater Vidy-Lausanne; toured through Sweden, the US and internationally. He has also collaborated with artists from film, music, fashion, performance and visual arts. As a teacher, Daniel has taught extensively with Gallim Dance, from company classes to movement exploration and repertoire in the US, as well as organizing retreats and teaching workshops for enthusiasts and professionals in Sweden, Switzerland, Berlin and Barcelona. Daniel trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School's modern department and earned his bachelor's degree in dance from Codarts in the Netherlands. He has also had the opportunity to work with Ohad Naharin's movement language, Gaga, during a co-production between Batsheva Dance Company (IL) and Riksteatern (SE)

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Originally from Houston, Texas, Sarah Stanley is a dance artist and Ilan Lev Method practitioner based in Stockholm, SE.  She received her dance training from SUNY Purchase (USA) and Taipei National University for the Arts (Taiwan).  Sarah has been based in New York, Berlin and Stockholm where she has worked with Jefta Van Dinther, Örjan Andersson, Punchdrunk’s Immersive production Sleep No More, Kat Válastur, Moritz Majce+Sandra Man, Sigal Zouk, Gloria Höckner, Tiago Manquinho, John Heginbotham and Andrea Miller among others. As a teacher, Sarah has led workshops in Sweden, Germany, The USA and as a cultural ambassador with the US Department of State in Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines.  Sarah has been developing her own work since 2011 including Inscriptions (New York), Folia (Texas) and Wayward Wind (Wyoming).  Sarah is a certified Ilan Lev Method practitioner and movement teacher, completing her studies with Yaniv Mintzer and Ilan Lev through ILM Poland under the mentorship of Tzéela Rinsky in Berlin.

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